Who We Are

CWMCooking with Mama is a London based social enterprise and cookery school founded in 2012. It is the only cooking school of its kind which works with women to lead its cooking classes. Class participants are able to experience a culture through its food by learning our mama’s cooking secrets and recipes, which have typically only been passed through family generations. We offer a creative and safe environment to bring the community together through food, develop cultural understanding, and support skills develop for women. Cooking With Mama is incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee that acts and conducts business similar to a charity.


Using food as an instrument for social change, Cooking With Mama aims to empower women with confidence and skills to achieve their highest potential, particularly in the food industry.


To provide women, who have mastered intricate home cooking skills, with training and paid opportunities to teach cooking classes in the community.

How We Are Achieving Our Vision of…

1. Women’s Empowerment

Using food for social change, we aim to empower our Mamas with confidence and skills to reach their potential. We achieve this by providing them with:

  1. Paid opportunities to lead classes in the community.

By leading cooking classes our Mamas gain useful experience in the industry, an opportunity to showcase their culture as well as expanding  their networks. Furthermore, leading classes builds up their confidence and public speaking skills.

  1. Skills development opportunities.

Training delivered in the form of seminars and courses that target:

i. Soft skills: responsibility, sociability, self management, self esteem and interpersonal skills.

  • Interpersonal skills measurement: Participates as a team member, teaches others, serves customers, exercises leadership, negotiates, works well with cultural diversity

ii. Hard skills: problem solving, budgeting, time management, business acumen, key industry certifications that build each Mama’s culinary skills

  1. Tools to realize their entrepreneurial goals.

Develop individually targeted Mama plans that address particular dreams and business goals. Facilitate access to workshops, key industry contacts, cooking opportunities, etc.

2. Authentic Cultural Experiences

We achieve this by offering cookery classes and cooking experiences led by our Mamas, who share traditional recipes and stories from their home countries.

  • Class participants experience a culture through its food, get to know our Mamas and their stories, while supporting our cause, women’s empowerment.
  • By creating themed experiences around specific cultural events (ie Buddhist festival celebrations, Carnival feasts, Thanksgiving etc) we give customers a little taste of each of our Mama’s countries.

Our Products

  • We offer a mix of supperclub cooking experiences and cooking classes across a variety of cultures.
  • Our culinary experiences are accessible to the community, both for individuals and corporate groups.
  • We design immersive cultural  and culinary experiences that showcases the Mama’s heritage and origin through authentic recipes, traditional music and highly cultural content.

Our Dreams

Cooking With Mama dreams big! Along with visions of scrumptious home cooked meals, we dream about developing a repertoire of cookery classes from cuisines around the world, publishing cookbooks, developing food products, and setting up a fund to provide microloans to our mamas to grow their own culinary dreams.

Progress To Date

  • 14 cooking classes to date: 7 individual + 7 corporate
  • Cuisines: Brazilian, South Asian, Jamaican, Cameroonian
  • Over 150+ participants
  • 2 Mama Days with 6 participating mamas
  • 2 fellowships: Emerge Venture Lab & Royal Society of Arts
  • CWM Berlin, April 2013 (2 classes so far)