What’s the difference between a cooking class and a supperclub?

At a supperclub, our participants enjoy an authentic delicious three-course meal cooked from scratch by one of our mamas. At some supperclubs, there is an opportunity to be ‘mama’s helper’, or act as a sous chef to the mama as she prepares the meal!

At a cooking class, participants cook an entire meal from scratch. They are provided with guidance from our experienced mamas.

In each event description, you will be able to see whether it is a supperclub or a cooking class.

On the Day

Will there be hands-on cooking for participants?

Our cooking classes are very hands-on, you will make your entire meal from scratch. At some supperclubs, there is an opportunity to be ‘mama’s helper’, or act as a sous chef to the mama as she prepares the meal! This will be noted in the description of each individual class.

How much cooking experience do I need to join a session?

None! Beginners and experts welcome.

How many people are there in a session?

Sessions range from 8 – 25 people

Do I need to bring anything?

Your positive attitude and a curious palate!

I have specific dietary requirements. Will I still be able to enjoy a session?

We are happy to cater for dietary requirements but please inform us at the time of booking otherwise we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you.

Come I go to a session alone/bring a guest/bring children?

Come one, come all. You can come alone or bring guests. We ask that you do not bring children under the age of 15.

Will I get copies of the recipes to bring home?

Yes! We want our guests to recreate their dishes at home and share with their friends and family.

Are there provisions for disabilities?

We try our best to accommodate any disabilities. Please contact us about a specific event and we will let you know if we are able to accommodate.

Cooking With Mama

Who are the Mamas?

You can read about our Mamas here.

How does Cooking With Mama provide for them?

We provide our mamas with opportunities to lead cooking events such as our supperclubs and cooking classes. We also offer targeted training and learning opportunities at our ‘mama days’.
We also provide individualized support for our mamas to achieve their culinary goals, whatever they may be!

Is Cooking With Mama a charity?

Cooking with Mama is a social enterprise – we are a business that reinvests all our profits in the social aim of our organisation, which is to empower women with confidence and skills to achieve their highest potential, particularly in the food industry.