If you think our idea sounds delicious, there are many simple ways to get involved!

Cooking With Mama is seeking exceptional individuals to join our volunteer team! Individuals who are excited about social innovation in a start-up environment, self-prescribed foodies, and believe that food can create social change. Please contact us for more information.

  • Partnerships Manager

    • Explore our existing partners and build new partnerships in the London foodie scene, social enterprise, and womens empowerment. We need someone to help us work with our partners to explore new opportunities – whether its at London’s buzzing food markets or in the offices of corporate groups. Ideal candidate is someone who understands the world of social enterprise and is a natural at networking!
  • Recruitment Manager

    • Build the foundation of our social entreprise by helping us to identify talented women to lead our cooking experiences. Help design our “Mama Training Days” where we bring our Mamas together to share experiences, build networks, and learn new skills. Ideal candidate is someone who has an interest in Recruitment/HR, strong presentation skills, and has a passion for womens empowerment.
  • Social Media Manager

    • Shape our voice by developing our social media strategy through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Ideal candidate is someone who’s a self-proclaimed foodie, tech savvy, and is interested in driving innovation through social media.
  • Website Manager

    • We love our website – we really do! But we would like to see this website reflect the heart of what CWM stands for! Ideal candidate is someone who’s a whiz at creating websites, understands the joy behind foodtography, and interested in driving social innovation.