Cooking with Cast Iron

Iron is important for proper bodily functioning and ensuring that oxygen is well transported throughout the body. Though many people don’t think about it, the easiest way to get iron is by simply using a cast iron pan when cooking. However, health benefits aren’t the only reason why cast iron should be used, as there are in fact many different benefits of using this versatile piece of cookware. The following are just a few reasons why everyone should use cast iron pans for their cooking.

They are Non-stick

With a bit of seasoning with oil, cast iron pans quickly become non-stick surfaces that give peace of mind when cooking, so say good bye to Teflon. What’s great about cast iron when compared to Teflon is that iron pans improve with more usage and are safe for years of use.

Has No Chemicals

Many standard Teflon pans, after constant use over time, begin to leach dangerous chemicals such as PFCs. These chemicals have been linked to numerous health related risks such as brain damage, hormone dysfunction, and liver damage. Cast iron pans, on the other hand, are naturally non-stick while being chemical free, giving you a peace of mind that the food you are serving to yourself and your family is 100% safe and healthy.

Multitude of Culinary Uses

Unlike other cooking equipment, a cast iron pan can be used for various tasks, anything from grilling and broiling to boiling and poaching. These pans can also be placed directly in the oven for baking. Not many other pieces of equipment are as flexible or as durable; cast iron therefore saves a lot of money that would otherwise be used in buying many different types of cooking equipment.

Handles Heat Well

Related to its durability and flexibility of use, cast iron pans can handle very high temperatures. Other types of pans may not be able to handle heats properly and may degrade quickly or even begin to leach off chemicals into the food. Cast iron pans are also able to evenly distribute heat over an extended period of time because of their heftiness. This is perfect for anyone who is just starting to cook and is afraid of possibly burning his or her culinary creations.

Easy to Clean

Partly due to its non-stick nature, iron cast pans are extremely easy to clean and don’t even require soap. Simply using hot water will pick up any leftover food right off and ensures a sparkling, shiny surface every time.

Fortifies Food with Iron

One of the major reasons people use iron cast pans is because of the amount of iron it lends to the food you are cooking. In some studies, it has been shown that acidic foods like pasta sauce cooking in cast iron pans have a 30 fold iron increase when compared to foods cooked in non-iron pans. Even non-acidic foods have shown to have at least a 3-fold increase in iron.

Needless to say, if you’re someone suffering from iron deficiency, an iron cast pan is perfect for you.

Durable for Constant Use

Other than just handling heats well, cast iron pans are resistant to wear and tear and do not become scratched easily. Also, the use of metal spatulas is completely safe. Other cookware such as those coated with Teflon, can easily be damaged by accidentally using a metal utensil, making them useless after a single accident.

Final Thoughts

Even though cast iron pans are durable and completely safe to use, they are also surprisingly cheaper than their non-iron counterparts. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to not be using these ingenious kitchen products for all cooking needs.

Why Cooking with Cast Iron is Important
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