Mama EstherEsther comes from intriguing Cameroon. She has a long history in cooking and her Jollof Rice has no match. Having lived most of her life in Cameroon, her day to day cooking remains very faithful to the meals she used to have as a child.

CWM: What is your favourite meal?

Esther: A west African dish called Fufu. I really like it and lucky for me I can find it in London.

CWM: What is the ingredient that cannot miss in your kitchen?

Esther: Salt, pepper and creativity.

CWM: Which meal do you miss most from Cameroon? Can you find the ingredients to make it in London?

Esther: There is nothing I miss in particular because I can make and cook it all here.

CWM: What is the best cooking tip you got from the women in your family?

Esther: When you cook, season over night. It will give food a better taste.

CWM: What are some of the things that you enjoy doing in London?

Esther: I really enjoy cooking. I do not get tired of it. I love cooking. I have taught my daughter, she loves baking.

CWM: What flavour/smell reminds you most of home?

Esther: There is one spice, that if I put it in my food, it makes me want to eat it right away. Mmmh…bush onion

CWM: In one word, how would you describe Cameroon?

Esther: Intriguing.