Mama RobertaRoberta comes from the warm land of Carnival, powdery white-sand beaches, and lush Amazon forests… Oh Brazil! It is no wonder that her recipes are all about getting the best flavours out of fresh vegetables and exotic fruits.

CWM: What is your favourite meal?

Roberta: It is difficult to say because I love food from many places…as I’m vegetarian maybe a simple rice and black beans from Brazil!! And tropical fruits like papaya, mangoes and pineapples!

CWM: What is the ingredient that cannot miss in your kitchen?

Roberta: I cannot live without olive oil, garlic and cinnamon. They go into everything savoury/sweet! Not together, though!

CWM: Which meal do you miss most from Brazil? Can you find the ingredients to make it in London?

Roberta: Probably dishes made with cassava in so many ways and I have not been able to get good cassava/manioc over here. I miss the way people cook with different spices and the freshness of the produce, the abundance of colours and smells…That, unfortunately can’t always be reproduced here.

CWM: What is the best cooking tip you got from the women in your family?

Roberta: Always reuse/transform the leftovers in new dishes, just be creative and save money and time!

CWM: What are some of the things that you enjoy doing in London?

Roberta: Wow, besides cooking I enjoy many other things: independent coffee shops, street markets like Brick Lane/Broadway Market, museums, concerts, family cycle rides (specially in Regent’s Canal), parks and libraries/book shops…the list goes on and on…

CWM: What flavour/smell reminds you most of home?

Roberta: No other than ripe mangoes and pineapples…also a lovely sniff of just brewed good coffee! Ah, home sweet home!!!!

CWM: In one word, how would you describe Brazil?

Roberta: Luscious