Mama ThamaraThamara was born and raised in mystical Sri Lanka. She is an excellent cook with a great sense of humour. Her cooking is inspired on her grandmother’s recipes, which she strongly treasures. Her signature dish is spicy chicken curry.

CWM: What is your favourite meal?

Thamara: Yellow rice with chicken curry, Aubergine moju and pumpkin curry.

CWM: What is the ingredient that cannot miss in your kitchen?

Thamara: Umm… homemade curry powder of course!

CWM: Which meal do you miss most from Sri Lanka? Can you find the ingredients to make it in London?

Thamara: Fried Dambala. Unfortunately this vegetable cannot be beought in the UK.

CWM: What is the best cooking tip you got from the women in your family?

Thamara: Trial and error. You need to be patient until the dish comes perfect.

CWM: What are some of the things that you enjoy doing in London?

Thamara: Volunteering and sewing cross-stitch portraits.

CWM: What flavour/smell reminds you most of home?

Thamara: The smell of crab curry.

CWM : In one word, how would you describe Sri Lanka?

Thamara: Amazing.